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Everything I do. I believe in challenging the status quo. I believe in thinking differently. My name is Victor Torres. I’m one of the Founders of SDG. A community of leaders and a public mastermind based in Orlando FL that feature new speakers every 3 weeks who create amazing group discussions. I’m also a Freelancer at A web design and branding service focused on boosting online presence. I enjoy the process of planning a marketing strategy to help brands standout so they bring massive value to the marketplace. My ultimate goal is to serve the world in any way I can spreading #love #health #money and #happiness. You can learn more about me in my personal blog (vctwrld). I’m an avid reader and a long life learner. I love high energy people and getting the job done harmoniously. If you relate to some of this. Let’s connect or collab. Join me on my Mission on empowering leadership through kindness. Stay blessed.

 ” Your Level Of Success Will Never Exceed Your Level Of Personal Development”  Jim Rohn



Graphic Design

Photoshop 75%
Lightroom 56%
Premier Pro 80%

UI / UX Design & Development

WordPress 80%
HTML 55%
CSS 46%

Digital Marketing

Social Media Strategy 77%
Email Marketing 65%
Lead Generation 73%

The way I challenge the status quo is by letting my creativity to take over and confidently deliver the best results.

Let’s make awesome things together.

Whether you need Video Marketing, Social Media Curated or Native content, Blog posts, Professional pictures.

I’ve been studying digital marketing since 2010. I’ve learned a thing or two on how you can improve your online presence and how to drive traffic. I can come up with unique strategies that can help scale your brand to next level.

I’m passionate about the way information is shared through social media channels. Whether is an instagram post, facebook post or twitter. Every single platform has its on way or targeting your niche.

75% of the whole internet has a wordpress site. I can help you make your site standout from the crowd. 


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